About HeartPath
From Europe to Australia
Men and women have traveled from around the globe to attend HeartPath in Sedona, AZ.
Most clients I meet have disconnected their heads from their hearts. Although they know something is amiss, they don’t know that there is a solution… and most have resigned themselves to a life of routine stresses.

Believe me, I’ve heard all of the excuses on why NOT to do this work…

I won’t embarrass people by naming names, but these are some of the actual statements from the folks you’ll meet in the video testimonials below:

“Opening my heart is way too scary.”

“I haven’t followed my heart in so long, I wouldn’t know where to begin.”

“I can’t connect to my heart because if I do, I’ll never stop crying.”

“I don’t think I even have [a heart].”

It doesn’t have to be this way!

A heart that has been suppressed CAN be re-vitalized, love restored and a deeper, more fulfilling life can be created. Everyone deserves to have this.

That’s why I created this program. So you can awaken your heart, and experience the daily bliss of a fulfilled existence.

The truth is…

Connecting to your heart and life force energy involves a lot more than just what happens at HeartPath.

You’ll discover the 4 “Heart Keys” that will unlock your intuition, productivity, emotional healing and more.

You'll also learn...

How to tap into your intuition (and yes, you ARE intuitive)
How to become more productive and focused
How to KNOW with certainty that you are on the right path
How to heal past pain and grief
How to lower your stress and blood pressure (without medication)
How to enhance the overall quality of your life

These things have totally changed my life and the lives of hundreds of people with whom I've worked.
At HeartPath I’m going to show you how you can channel the power of your heart. And I’m not talking Hollywood romance, mushy hearts here.

I’m talking about the primal force of the organ that has been beating within you before your brain was even formed.

And this isn’t just another personal growth program about shifting your mindset; I’m actually interested in shifting your whole world.

Join me and a seriously awesome group of people for a special weekend dedicated to exploring your potential as you tap into the energy of your heart.

Here’s why you’ll want to be at HeartPath:

I’m all about the small, intimate events that can really change lives, therefore I cap each retreat.

HeartPath is totally experiential. We’ll not only bond within the four walls of our meeting room, we’ll balance indoor time with time spent in the wilderness hiking through vortexes in Sedona, Arizona.

I’ve been told that the price of admission for HeartPath was worth it just for coming into the city limits. Seriously… This place is unlike anywhere I’ve visited.

Sedona, Arizona
Sedona is a magical place that has called my heart back again and again. So much so, that I moved across the country to be closer to it. I reorganized my life so I could be in that place as often as possible because there’s such beautiful healing energy there.

At the first HeartPath weekend in 2011...
I shared how leading events in Sedona was one of my big goals when I dreamed up my coaching practice in 2006. It really has been a dream come true to bring groups there. It’s sacred land and this event couldn’t be done anywhere else.

You’ll see why as you’re hiking through the red rocks, hearing the breeze whisper though the canyons, listening to the rush of water in Oak Creek, and feeling the Arizona sun warm your skin.

What about the other personal development programs?

Yes, there are many wonderful programs out there.

Here’s how HeartPath is different:

This event is based on Heart Intelligence — something many people don’t know how to activate and use properly. The heart is your single greatest tool that you haven’t even tuned into yet.

At HeartPath you’ll have the opportunity to work directly with me, one of the leading coaches on heart intelligence. You’ll also learn the most cutting-edge ways to eliminate stress and truly change your life from this point forward.

HeartPath is often a line in the sand. Many people describe the experience as a turning point.

Here are some RESULTS in the lives of HeartPath alumni:

1.  One attendee committed to losing weight and getting healthy. He’s lost 10+lbs so far.

2.  Another committed to leave a 9-5 job and pursue a dream of entrepreneurship. She’s on track to do just that.

3.  One committed to use the HeartPath tools daily. His colleagues now ask what he’s doing differently because he’s become so calm and focused.

4.  One learned to love herself and began a beautiful romance after a string of dead-end relationships.

I don’t know what your specific dream is, but I know how to help you make it happen.
I’m considered an authority on the topic of heart intelligence and I’ve been invited to speak on stages around the globe, in addition to being featured on many websites:
I’ve thought about holding large events, but that’s just not me.

If you want a huge event, there are many amazing people offering them. I believe that small groups are where hearts can open up, people get real and talk about what really matters. Until we talk about what really matters, we can’t create lasting change in our behavior and therefore, any lasting change in our lives.

I’ve devoted my personal and professional life to solving the plight of stress and uncertainty from radically undernourished hearts all over the world.

Now I’m going to solve it for you.

See you in Sedona,


P.S. What if I’m right? What if I really can help you ditch stress and overcome the uncertainty that keeps you stuck?

How will you feel as, day after day, you get more of the same-old thing, knowing that if you had just said, “Yes,” to HeartPath your whole world could have changed?

What happens when you access Heart Intelligence?
- Clear decision-making
- Balanced emotions
- Heightened productivity
- Improved family interactions
- Sustained positive perspective
- Reduced production of stress hormone cortisol (that nasty stuff that creates belly fat!)
- Heart-based communication
- Intuitive ability
- Lower heart rate / blood pressure
- Improved overall health
Who should NOT come to HeartPath:
If you’re looking for a lot of hype to get “pumped up” for a weekend, that’s not really my thing.

I don’t do hype.

What I’m interested in is getting real. And it’s REALLY hard to do that in a seminar packed with hundreds of people. That’s
 why I limit each retreat to a select group of awesome individuals.