Frequently Asked Questions
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What is HeartPath?
Each year, I ask HeartPath attendees to describe what HeartPath means to them.

Here are a few of their responses:

"A way to think about yourself, life and your future through a different lens."

"It provides you with tools and exercises that will quickly and easily shift your mode of living from the busy head to the trusting heart. It is a weekend full of love, joy, laughter, and tears, in both a safe environment with an awesome group of highly present and aware participants and an amazing. It is a mix of group-work and internal work, with a balance of time spent indoors and out in the beauty and healing space of nature."

"Something that could change your life, or simply nudge your boat back into course. And if all else fails... You're still in friggin' Sedona which is pretty bad ass if you ask me."

"HeartPath is difficult to describe adequately. It's a place to learn more about yourself, open your mind and heart, meet great people and view gorgeous scenery."

"Heartpath was a place where I got out of the daily race and learned to connect with my own inner being. There were activities like hikes and meditations, and I learned about how heart intelligence works. Most of all, I made wonderful connections in an open, loving, relaxed environment."

"An opportunity to look at one's life from the perspective of one's heart in a beautiful environment with really cool people."

How far will this take me?
Your heart’s evolution is a constant practice, much like your career. Think about it… In our work, we typically get some kind of training. Then we continue to grow in that field through seminars, workshops, reading about new developments in our industry and mentoring with people we admire. If we don’t do these things, we become stagnant.

HeartPath is no different.

This retreat is a catalyst. Depending on how open you are, it can be the turning point from which you never look back. How committed you are will decide that.

What is the schedule?
Most people arrive in Sedona on Thursday afternoon to check into their hotel.
HeartPath begins with registration on Thursday evening.

     Thursday:  Registration in evening
     Friday:  HeartPath 9am-9pm
     Saturday:  HeartPath 9am-9pm
     Sunday:  HeartPath 9am-12pm
Where is HeartPath held?
HeartPath is held at a hotel in Sedona, Arizona.  The hotel is in "Uptown" Sedona close to numerous restaurants, shops, and other lodging options.

Hotel details are released to registered attendees.
Will there be a live-stream of the event?
No. Due to the intimate size and heartfelt discussions, you’ll have to join us in person to experience the magic.
What's included in the cost?
Pricing shown below is your registration fee. You are responsible for meals, transportation and lodging (group rate at the hotel).
What is the cancellation policy?
If for some reason you can’t make it, I totally understand.  I'll roll your registration into the next year's event.  If you request a refund, I’ll give you your money back up to 60 days prior to the event minus a $50 admin fee. After that, it’s 50% refundable until 14 days prior, at which time no refunds will be offered. But let’s be honest… You’re not going to want to miss this!   ;-)

What's the Investment?
Per person price:  $797

Price includes your retreat registration and HeartPath banquet.  Travel, lodging, and other meals are your responsibility.  If you choose to stay onsite, we have a discounted group rate at the hotel.  Plus, they offer a complimentary hot breakfast buffet.