"With all my heart, this is the absolute greatest event I’ve ever been to… The first day of this event I felt an amazing transformational change in myself… Just the first day I got so much value and so much love."
Steve Osborn Memphis, TN
"If you are looking for an amazing event to attend that is full of love and energy and spirituality, clearing whatever it may be for you, this is the place to be… Mindie has a way of speaking to you, through you, finding what might be missing and closing that gap."
Patty Flock Phoenix, AZ
"I cannot tell you how deeply moved I have been through the practices, the education, the sharing, the intimacy, how quickly, within the first day, we got so deep. I’ve been doing a lot of personal growth for many years, but this was a whole new element of incorporating your body and your heart…. Living more from your heart… That’s the essence of what we lived through these past few days."
Linda Allebach Chicago, IL
"It was Mindie’s coaching that really got us to make some breakthroughs and see things from a different perspective and have some tools to make some changes that will be life changing and I can’t thank her enough."
Don Wall Salem, OR
"What an amazing experience that I’ve had! I have heard so much about it and now I was able to experience it and I can’t even tell you… I am blown away by what I saw this weekend. From the heart breathing to the guided meditations that Mindie can so eloquently take us through. Amazing stuff. If you haven’t seen this or heard about it, you need to check it out, because she will transform and rock your world."
Diane De Vettori San Diego, CA
"This HeartPath weekend has been a real eye-opener… I’d definitely recommend it to anybody… If you’re looking to expand your life, if you’re in a rut, if you feel like you need a change. Do it!"
Andrew Sampson Melbourne, Australia
"I loved to witness the space that Mindie created which was a huge space of trust. In that space, she allowed for people’s vulnerability and people connected in a way that was very, very special."
Joanne Mitchell England, UK
"One of the biggest breakthroughs I got through this weekend is a comfort, a groundedness, a centeredness, a way to be more authentic in relationships with myself, with other people… This will change your life. Whatever you have to do, do it to get to HeartPath."
Peter Scott San Diego, CA